10 July 2011

Village Life

In celebration of my newfound country bumpkin status, I decided a stroll with the father through the fields of my village was the perfect summer evening activity.  En route I discovered a friend’s cat, which unfortunately would not stay still long enough to allow me to take a decent photo.  However, cats are my weakness so I couldn’t stay annoyed at it for more than a few seconds.   

The beautiful 9pm sunlight ensured I got some good shots of the stationary aspects of nature that I encountered on my wander.   

As the end of my degree grew ever nearer, I began to dread my return to country life but this walk illuminated the inspiration that can be drawn from my humble little village.   

It was also a chance to show off my new jeans.  Even if the local urchins didn’t appreciate the soft pink hue, I thought they were an appropriate accompaniment to the summertime colour palette.  I also revelled in being able to wear double denim without having to calculate the dark-blue to light-blue ratio.
Jacket: H&M, top: Hollister, jeans: Topshop

Flower headband & aviators both: Primark

9 July 2011

Wounded Garments

All that stress, sleep deprivation and swearing at sewing machines for the glorious moment of seeing your clothes walk the runway in front of hundreds of people.  It was definitely worth it.

Last month was my university’s graduate fashion show, and the culmination of 4 years of serious work.  The show was held in an art studio in the School of Design so the audience were seated amongst metal sculptures, giant paintings and postcard prints as the models wound their way through.

Military uniforms initially inspired my collection, but as I delved deeper through my exploration of the armed forces I became increasingly interested in the fragility of the soldiers who wore the uniforms.  I began to look at wounded soldiers, which led me to amputees and artificial limbs.  I focussed my research into historical limbs as I liked the mix of the materials used, such as leather and metal.  This inspired a put-together look in some of my garments.  Others were damaged; a mix of slits with beautifully finished edges, translucent scars, and distressed leather.  The overall look was tailored with a modern, raw edge.

As well as my collection being featured in my university’s graduate show, I also modelled in it due to a last minute model shortage.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to see my models before they went out, but I managed a few final adjustments after my final walk.

Clare Chojnowski Photography

Clare Chojnowski Photography

Steve Gabbett Photography

Steve Gabbett Photography

Steve Gabbett Photography

The night was such a success and I am so proud to have been a part of organising it.

8 July 2011

Be Gentle with Me

It’s my first time.  

This is all new to me but I figured I should get with the 21st century and start me a blog.  I’ve just finished my Fashion Design degree, and after 4 years of pretty much constant stress I have all this free time so I thought I’d fill it by accosting the world with my musings/experiences/ramblings.  Prepare to read about the challenges of being a small fish in a sea of fashion graduates, trying not to get stuck in the net of unemployment and a cosy yet dull life back at home.   

Someone just give me a job, yeah?