10 July 2011

Village Life

In celebration of my newfound country bumpkin status, I decided a stroll with the father through the fields of my village was the perfect summer evening activity.  En route I discovered a friend’s cat, which unfortunately would not stay still long enough to allow me to take a decent photo.  However, cats are my weakness so I couldn’t stay annoyed at it for more than a few seconds.   

The beautiful 9pm sunlight ensured I got some good shots of the stationary aspects of nature that I encountered on my wander.   

As the end of my degree grew ever nearer, I began to dread my return to country life but this walk illuminated the inspiration that can be drawn from my humble little village.   

It was also a chance to show off my new jeans.  Even if the local urchins didn’t appreciate the soft pink hue, I thought they were an appropriate accompaniment to the summertime colour palette.  I also revelled in being able to wear double denim without having to calculate the dark-blue to light-blue ratio.
Jacket: H&M, top: Hollister, jeans: Topshop

Flower headband & aviators both: Primark

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