31 October 2011

Smileys All Round

I’m not one for taking things too seriously.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say I actively search for the silliness in most areas of my life.  Especially fashion.  Clothes are such an important expression of your personality and I perish the thought that people could assume I am anything but a little bit ridiculous.  I encourage you all to have a bit of fun with your clothes, show everyone your festive spirit.  It’s nearly Christmas after all!

Now for those of you to whom silliness does not come naturally (you poor things) an easy way to embrace your inner child is with a fun statement tee.  I love this one that The Smiley Company have created for Bershka:

It’s a steal at £12.99, is 100% cotton and its fitted balloon shape means it’s perfect teamed with leggings for a super comfy outfit.  And there’s plenty more where that came from; there is a whole Smiley range at Bershka including t-shirts and hoodies.

To learn more about the happy shiny people of The Smiley Company check out their website.

28 October 2011

23 October 2011

New Zealand: Invercargill

Maybe it was the fact that it rained the whole time we were there.  Maybe it was the ice cold wind that clawed at our faces.  Maybe it was the fact we'd just come from Queenstown and its immense beauty.  Or maybe it was just that Invercargill is the dullest place EVER.  Culture seems to have evaded this town; even the art gallery's exhibits were just plain bad.  Luckily we only had to spend two nights in the place so we could see Scotland beat Georgia, but even filling that short span was difficult.  As time trudged and shuffled its way towards kick-off, Scottish fans could be spotted exchanging weary glances as they wandered the streets aimlessly.  Fortunately for me (perhaps not the father) my cute radar was well and truly on and we managed to find these little critters (Kiwi lingo: oh yes):

Possibly the only things that prevented me from finally losing it completely.

18 October 2011

Tula Girl

Tula have been creating highly affordable and highly beautiful handbags since 1975 and for Autumn/Winter 2011 have launched a statement leopard print range.  The bags come in a variety of sizes but I especially love these little beauties:
Clockwise from above: £59, £89, £39

Sexy as the more evening styles of the leopard print range are, my personal favourite bag is this gorgeous across the body design from the Originals collection.  This flapover design  is an example of British craftsmanship at its absolute finest. The shape takes its inspiration from the 70s.  What was a fashion statement of carefree elegance has now become a staple piece, available in berry tones of mulberry red and deep purple for AW11. 
Check out the stockist website at www.tula.co.uk

9 October 2011

New Zealand: First Stop Queenstown

There’s nothing like flying dangerously close to mountains as you descend into your first destination to really get you excited about a trip.  And that’s exactly what you get when you arrive in Queenstown.  I had heard that New Zealand was pretty stunning (and I’ve obviously seen Lord of the Rings) so I was expecting to see some beautiful scenery throughout our stay there.  What I didn’t expect was the view from our hotel room.

Imagine waking up to that.

Of course, when the place is as pretty as Queenstown, you don’t really want to spend much time indoors.  So we mostly wandered about the place, visiting gardens, climbing hills with a day off to watch Scotland beat Romania. 

I also did a very special thing: I got a tattoo.  A mother and baby dolphin swimming together.  My mum loved dolphins and the tattoo reminds me that she’s always with me.  It’s been 5 years since she died and I wanted to do something significant, especially as on this trip we were going to see her favourite creatures up close.

3 October 2011

My much belated travel diary: Hong Kong

Last month I began a trip (technically) around the world with the father.  He had kindly agreed to bring me along with him to support Scotland in the Rugby World Cup, and who was I to argue?  Our journey began with a quick stop in Hong Kong; a city of contrasts.  The traditional juxtaposed with the ultra modern.  Tiny dilapidated apartments squashed between shiny skyscrapers.  Parks filled with tropical birds, sculptures and mazes, which you stumble upon as you make your way through the city centre.

We generally just attempted to immerse ourselves in everything possible, eating delicious food (avoiding the tasty eye sockets) and drinking jasmine tea in tiny restaurants surrounded by locals or joining the hoards of tourists on the cable car to the top of the peak.  Most of our time was spent trying to replace the copious amounts of water we lost sweating in the crazy humidity, but we didn’t let that stop us exploring.  We just ensured we detoured through a few air-conditioned buildings en route!

Unfortunately we only stayed two nights, and our time was cut even shorter by accidentally sleeping for 12 hours one night (damn you jetlag!) so we didn’t get to explore the city to the fullest extent.  However, we crammed enough into our stay to ensure that it was an unforgettable experience.