9 October 2011

New Zealand: First Stop Queenstown

There’s nothing like flying dangerously close to mountains as you descend into your first destination to really get you excited about a trip.  And that’s exactly what you get when you arrive in Queenstown.  I had heard that New Zealand was pretty stunning (and I’ve obviously seen Lord of the Rings) so I was expecting to see some beautiful scenery throughout our stay there.  What I didn’t expect was the view from our hotel room.

Imagine waking up to that.

Of course, when the place is as pretty as Queenstown, you don’t really want to spend much time indoors.  So we mostly wandered about the place, visiting gardens, climbing hills with a day off to watch Scotland beat Romania. 

I also did a very special thing: I got a tattoo.  A mother and baby dolphin swimming together.  My mum loved dolphins and the tattoo reminds me that she’s always with me.  It’s been 5 years since she died and I wanted to do something significant, especially as on this trip we were going to see her favourite creatures up close.

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