31 October 2011

Smileys All Round

I’m not one for taking things too seriously.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say I actively search for the silliness in most areas of my life.  Especially fashion.  Clothes are such an important expression of your personality and I perish the thought that people could assume I am anything but a little bit ridiculous.  I encourage you all to have a bit of fun with your clothes, show everyone your festive spirit.  It’s nearly Christmas after all!

Now for those of you to whom silliness does not come naturally (you poor things) an easy way to embrace your inner child is with a fun statement tee.  I love this one that The Smiley Company have created for Bershka:

It’s a steal at £12.99, is 100% cotton and its fitted balloon shape means it’s perfect teamed with leggings for a super comfy outfit.  And there’s plenty more where that came from; there is a whole Smiley range at Bershka including t-shirts and hoodies.

To learn more about the happy shiny people of The Smiley Company check out their website.

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