18 January 2012

End of My Travel Diary: Los Angeles

After enduring the worst turbulence of my life, I was thankful to arrive in LA and even appreciated the stability of the two hour wait to get into the country.  I was looking forward to walking around in shorts, observing the beautiful people and soaking up the glamourous atmosphere.  As soon as we got to the hotel, the shorts were on and we headed straight to Rodeo Drive; just a short walk from our Beverly Hills hotel.  The father is so good to me.  It was beautiful and expensive and we spotted a man wearing a white pleated skirt so it was a pretty successful little wander.  However, it had the air of a film set about it.  Having seen Pretty Woman, I'd been predicting a huge busy street crowded with bitchy women but in real life it seemed much smaller.  This feeling continued throughout our stay in LA.  Our obligatory walk down Hollywood Boulevard was all sleaze and no sparkle.  Our tour of Melrose Avenue, the supposed shopping area, left us wondering where all the good shops were as we passed tacky boutique after tacky boutique.  Why did you deceive me The L Word?  Is this where the residents of 90210 shop?

We did however, see A LOT of beautiful people.  By accident, we stumbled upon what was apparently a showbiz hangout on Santa Monica Boulevard (we got Sheryl Crow stuck in our heads constantly) in our quest for good herbal tea (we didn't find any).  There were meetings going on all around us, with expensive suits mixing with casual LA dress.  I swear I saw a guy from 90210 touching skin with someone from pretty much every table, while wearing a rather elaborate ethnic cardigan.  Much to my ego's dismay I kept nearly walking into oh-I'm-so-casual-my-hoodie's-fallen-off-my-shoulder girls whose perfect faces made me feel a little ill with jealousy.

But the worst part of the trip was that it rained TORRENTIALLY the day we planned to go to Venice Beach.  No pretending to be a West Bev graduate pour moi.  We decided to cheer ourselves up with a Tim Burton exhibition...but it was closed.  So we I consoled ourselves myself at Bloomingdales before heading back to our hotel to collect out bags and fly home.

At least I saw the Hollywood sign!

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