14 January 2012

New Zealand: Wellington

Long overdue penultimate post about my travels in New Zealand, I only got back...like, three months ago!  Get off my back already!

So to top off the idyllic sights of Hanmer Springs, the father and I were treated to the most beautiful ferry journey of my life.  Ok so ferry trips are never that thrilling (most sea looks the same) but this one was something special.  The ex-English channel ferry (fun fact for you there) wound its way around the wiggly coastline of the south island before breaking out into the open ocean for a short while to reach the north island.  The views were pretty spectacular, I'm not sure my photos do them justice.  I felt like I was going on some form of adventure, possibly with a ring involved or something...

I also spotted my first dolphin of the holiday!

Leaving Picton

I found that Wellington was a pretty cool place, it had a bit more personality than some of the other places we'd stayed in: south island can seem a little small town to a city lover like myself.  The fact that it was on the coast was a definite positive for me, imagine being minutes from views like this:

Something pretty amazing that Wellington has to offer is Zealandia; a wildlife sanctuary devoted to preserving an area of land as it was before us nasty Europeans went and ruined it all with our cats etc.  It's hugely beautiful and has loads of native critters which just wouldn't survive outside of its protective fences.

This little guy is a takahe, what a cutie!
We walked back from Zealandia through Wellington's botanic gardens where I spotted this binocular/cute robot.

My favourite part of our stay in Wellington was a walk we did along the coast to see the red rocks, but more importantly the seals that hang out there!  It was a glorious day, and despite winter having barely been replaced by spring we were in shirts for most of the walk.  The rugged coastline was impressive before we even arrived at the red rocks and the father couldn't resist a bit of bouldering.  Finally, after waiting with the giddy excitement of a schoolchild, I began to spot seals!  It has taken a lot for me to edit my photos to this small selection so I hope you appreciate it.  They were just so blubbery, I really wanted to go and pet them all!  Daddy wouldn't let me.

The Red Rocks

Our stay in Wellington concluded with yet more animals!  God I loved Wellington.  We went to the zoo, which I swear had been created to only include cute animals.  Or it may be that I just find everything cute...the only exception being the African Wild Dogs, which I'm sorry to say were just a little ugly.  Again, I so wanted to include every photo I took but I have painstakingly cut it down for those of you who aren't quite as obsessed with animals as me.  Weirdos.

I'm literally squealing at this photo, red pandas are SO cute!

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