23 May 2012

Great Scot

Can neon ever be classic?  Sure, I’m lusting after a luminous laser cut clutch now, but how will I feel about it in 6 months time when the nights are seeping into the days once again?  One thing is for sure, and that is if you’re going to do neon: do it right.  At a time when we are all putting that little bit more consideration into our sartorial investments, I searched for a designer who offered on-trend pieces that were as ethically sound, as they were elegant.
Henrietta Ludgate, graduate of Central St Martins (if that’s not a hallmark of fashion talent, I don’t know what is) and committed champion of Scottish craftsmanship.  Her latest collection Findhorn is comprised of a not-for-the-faint-hearted colour palette including; hot pink, colour-of-the-season tangerine and cartoon grass green.  So some fairly season-specific hues, but the design is anything but fleeting in its brilliance.

Read more of my article on Ludgate for Candid Online here.


  1. "cartoon grass green" <-- i loved that. that's a gorgeous dress. i'm not really that into jewel or neon colors, but that dress is most def. an exception

    1. It was the only way to accurately describe it haha. Me neither, but I loved this particular design! xx

  2. I agree thought I love to have something in neon I am not sure whether it will last too long and then what do I do with this piece. But something like this could hold on.

  3. i think flashes of neon will chic for a while! lovely post :) xx