22 February 2014

In praise of slippers

Hot buttered toast, the sound of rain that you do not have to go out in at the window, an Audrey Hepburn movie and, of course, tea: such things never cease to make me feel cosy, and like everything might all be okay.

Slippers are the epitome of this feeling. They encase your toes in a fluffy embrace, while protecting them from old dried-up contact lenses and preventing wooden floor slips (essential if you’re as accident-prone as me), but they get a bit of a bad rap. Lumped in with cardigans and sensible shoes as old-fashioned, they can be dismissed far too easily.

So here I am sticking up for slippers. I bloody love the things. As a sufferer of near-constantly cold feet, they are essential if I want to move from the sofa. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t that often; but just think how little I’d get done if my feet were permanently ensconced under a cushion.

They save my poor delicate feet from the shards of the countless glasses I break in my life as London’s clumsiest girl. They stop me slipping on the lakes that form on my bathroom floor when my flatmate who apparently doesn’t believe in drying himself has a shower (love you really, Ben). But mostly, they’re just pretty snuggly. And I like snuggly.

I don’t just have one pair of slippers. Oh no! I have a whole collection, each serving a different temperature range. Right up until the height of summer, when the flip-flops come out. Because what’s life without whimsy? Here are some of my favourites, because I know you’re all DYING to find out:

Love 4 An Owl moccasin slippers c/o Moccis

My Moccis – the ultimate slipper. These things are, simultaneously, basically comfy indoor shoes and a regression to your childhood. A leather moccasin sole (skid proof for those as clumsy as me), snuggly sock AND they have owls on. What more could you want?

Fleece slippers - Ayacucho

My Ayacuchos – softest thing I own. As well as being made from the softest fleece (something I'm not usually an advocate of, but it totally works in this case), these also have a non-slip sole. I'm sensing a pattern here...

Ballet slippers - John Lewis

My ballet slippers – as chic as slippers can ever really get. These are what I wear when it starts to get a bit warmer and I just want something to pop on, probably over bare feet. Being in the style of a ballet flat, you could almost get away with wearing them to the shops. ALMOST, GUYS.

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