9 February 2014

Long, fluttery, voluminous lashes sans extensions? Meet Magnifibres.

My eyelashes have always been a disappointment to me. Short, sparse and with a determined refusal to curl, the ability to seductively bat my eyelashes has always eluded me. A friend once asked if I wanted some of her mascara and had to backtrack with the skill only a girl possesses when I told her I was already wearing it. I’ve tried every ‘false lash’ mascara out there but to no avail – my lashes have never been convincingly enhanced. I was starting to resign myself to a life sans the flutter-factor, when I was introduced to Magnifibres.

Working in a very different way to false lashes (there’s no fiddly glue to deal with here), Magnifibres coat your lashes with natural fibres to add fullness and length. You apply a layer of mascara as usual, then brush what looks rather curiously like cobwebs on to your still-tacky lashes. Wait 30 seconds and apply a top coat of mascara and your lashes are done. Magnifibres are a totally different approach to eyelash enhancement, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the fluffy fibres, but I was suitably impressed. The fibres clung to my eyelashes so well that when I added my final coat of mascara they looked thicker, longer and even obliged me and curled into a pleasingly flutterable fan: something I had never experienced before. Removing them is easy peasy too: they came off quickly with my usual face wipe with no extra effort required.

Although they created a noticeable difference to my eyelashes, false lashes they are not. For every day use they give a wonderful boost to your look, but for special occasions I think that falsies give a fuller effect: even if they run the risk of embarrassing impromptu ungluing. But £20 a tube (which lasts for months), it’s a great investment for your make-up bag. I feel a flutter coming on…
Magnifibres are available to buy online here.
Originally published on Running in Heels.


  1. this sounds cool! i had the extensions done once at an event and haaaated them - plus they made my eyes burn! xx

    1. Oh wow, I've never had extensions. That sounds like a scary experience! It's weird to think how much stuff we just put near our eyes every day when they're so delicate.